You have to be a pretty amazing visual artist to be interviewed by the radio.

That was part of New York artist Jenny Morgan’s brief stay in Lafayette as she opened her riveting new show, “Transcendental Supra-mental,” at Purdue University’s Fountain Gallery, 330 Main St. The exhibit of eight large paintings runs through Oct. 11.


Just hours before her Sept. 4 opening reception and talk, Morgan had an initial, “pre-interview” with National Public Radio. The feature will focus on her tremendous late summer push, which saw her land the cover of Juxtapoz magazine, make her Greater Lafayette debut and soon to open a solo exhibition in Denver where the artist was based for years before taking on the Big Apple.


“Transcendental” features mostly figurative pieces of nude female and male subjects. Morgan’s skill with the figure has classical realist technique but it is combined with her modern, emotive talents. What’s inside her subjects is as important – perhaps more so – as the outside.


During her talk, Morgan revealed that the better she knows or picks up on the personalities of her models, the better the piece usually turns out. A firm believer of human auras, the artist adds subtle color and blurring effects to some of her pieces to give a dreamlike effect. She “scratches” out hands or faces to represent insecurity. The blurring occurs with a dry brush and sometimes white paint added.


The artist herself is in some the pieces while two works centering around a skull that had been in a friend’s family for generations, “Exit” and “Come and Go,” hints at a more abstract, surreal direction.