Inviting someone to your band’s CD release show is met with mixed reactions in 2014:

“Awesome!” or .

“I can no longer play CD’s.” or …

“I think my mom still buys CD’s.”

Independent bands need to go the extra mile in order to effectively deliver physical versions of their music to potential listeners. Music must be formatted in interesting ways in the digital age. Lafayette metal act The Mound Builders is doing just that when it unveils its four-song EP, “Wabash War Machine.” The band will release an accompanying comic book that correlates with the EP’s tracks on Friday, Dec. 5.

To celebrate, The Mound Builders will perform with locals Lucifist and The Fantasies as well as Detroit “speed rock” band Against the Grain at 8 p.m. Friday at Lafayette Theater, 600 Main St.


“Wabash War Machine” is a tremendous nugget of metal power, recorded at Sonic Iguana studios in Lafayette and mixed and mastered by Dan Precision. The band continues to appeal to heavy and fast music connoisseurs with its blend of big Sabbath-friendly riffs, classic thrash speed and a dash of punk rock attitude.

The added appeal is the comic book. Each song gets two pages, one for the lyrics and another a one-page comic inspiration of the song. Illustrated by accomplished Boise, Idaho, artist Adam Black, the style harkens back to the old Heavy Metal series along with vintage EC horror comics. The comic also contains artwork from local illustrator Patrick Wetli and Chicagos Ech as well as an original story by Mound Builders vocalist Jim Voelz.


The comic is a very cool, creative touch from one of the top dogs in the local hard rock/metal scene.

In 2014 and probably 2015, bands need to put in a little more effort than they used to just 10 years ago in terms making a buzz with recordings. Sometimes its in videos, pressing vinyl or investing in an original comic book. By combining its sonic force with a comic, The Mound Builders’ effort is impressive and appreciated.