Help Almost Home Humane Society Cuddle Hundreds of Lonely, Adorable Kittens

Almost Home Humane Society is bursting at the seams with kittens. (NOTE: This is a direct quote from their press release. They are BURSTING with KITTENS.)


Kittens are arriving at Almost Home every single day and even though they have many wonderful foster families, there are still more foster families needed. More than 100 cats are currently in foster homes and AHHS has multiple litters of all ages that are in need of foster care. In the past week, 56 cats have arrived at Almost Home and of those, 22 were less than 2 months of age.

Fostering is an easy way to experience the joy of kittens. Almost Home provides all of the food, supplies and medications for your foster pet, foster parents are only asked to provide love. LOVE FOR KITTENS. Foster parents may also choose the age and type of pet they would like to foster.

It’s easy to begin fostering and just requires an application and short introduction to kitten care. For more information on becoming a foster family FOR SO MANY KITTENS, please contact Liz at 765-474-5222 or