Comcast, everyones least favorite internet service provider, has just announced plans to turn every customers cable modem into a public WiFi hotspot by default. Let me explain this more clearly: your home is a Comcast Hotspot and anybody strolling down your street can mooch off your internet connection.

8 reasons Comcasts public WiFi hotspot plan is a major dick move

        1. Security nightmare
        2. Privacy nightmare
        3. Your speed is going to suck even more. Cable modem bandwidth is shared  because of the nature of the technology. Your pipes are shared with your neighbors, which explains why Netflix bogs down and buffers every night during prime time.
        4. Its highly unethical. If my water is shut off, can I run a hose from another Indiana American Water customers house to my pool and fill it up? Or can I use another customers toilet when nature calls?
        5. Comcast is reselling your bandwidth for $20 per week. Non-Xfinity customers can buy hourly, daily, or weekly passes to use your internet access that you paid for and you dont receive any compensation! Did I mention something about ethics? (thanks, Ed)
        6. The Comcast hotspot feature is now on by default (with free access to other Xfinity hotspots) for customers in Lafayette, Bloomington, Kokomo, Fort Wayne, and Indianapolis. (See related reasons 1 and 2 above.)
        7. You have to deal with Craptastic™ Comcast Customer service to opt-out of this nightmare. Good luck getting through without being upsold on some limited time offer that will revert back to $160 monthly after 6 months. To opt out online, login to Comcast,  click Users & Preferences, and select Manage Xfinity WiFi.Netflix speed on Comcast
        8. Comcast is too big and unchecked. The cable giant already owns NBC/Universal (aka Kabletown) and is about to merge with TimeWarner Cable (TWC) to become the largest ISP in the US. They will command 19 of the top 20 markets in the US, unless the FCC grows a pair and stops the merger (not likely). Its gotten so bad that Netflix has been forced to make deals with Comcast and Verizon to ensure their speed is guaranteed to its customers. Effectively, Comcast and other giants have created an Internet slow lane, unless content providers pay to play. If this doesnt make any sense, allow John Oliver to explain:

The good news is, if the Comcast/TWC merger goes through, Comcast will divest its Indiana customers to Charter Communications. Wait. Never mind. Charter sucks too. They were our provider when I used to live in St. Louis. If you care about consumer protection, learn how to contact the FCC about net neutrality.

Do yourself a favor: switch to Metronet 100% fiber optic internet, TV, and phone. Tell them James Britton sent you. Metronet wont bullshit with limited time offers or shared bandwidth and they certainly dont offer up your WiFi as a public toilet.

Ill buy you a six pack of beer and youll soon be thanking me for the advice to switch.