Its quantity and quality at Lafayette local artists and married couple Sherri and John  new shows, hanging now through Feb. 14 at Tippecanoe Arts Federation.

Both have had compelling shows displaying drawing and painting skills in recent years. In About Face: 380 Self-Portraits, McGlothin again displays the results of her daily drawing exercises in 2012 and 2013. Thats 365 drawings displayed on a wall in TAFs Northwest Gallery. The small pieces practically wallpaper the space.

Again, McGlothlin chose to draw herself. The artist revealed that original idea was to break away from the self-portrait but she was drawn in by the artists most available subject herself.

McGlothlins style in these is loose and unflinching. Various angles are explored.

A self-portrait by Sherri McGlothlin

The daily drawings are flanked by about a dozen larger, more complete self portraits in various media: Oil, charcoal, monoprints and even middle school favorite tempura paint are used. McGlothlins latest work comes in the form of needle felt. The fabric self portraits are bright and bold. The new technique, for her, is as strong as the artists more traditional styles.

Frigos work makes up most of the 20 Years of Live Music exhibit, which displays flyers, posters, handbills and ticket stubs from every concert presented by the Friends of Bob live music co-op since 1994. Most shows are represented in 8 1/2 x 11-inch flyers printed on bright orange, blue, red and green paper. Youve probably seen Frigos handiwork stapled to telephone poles and bulletin boards over the years promoting concerts with the likes of Jonathan Richman (both in 1995 and 2013), Marshall Crenshaw, The Blasters and Frigos personal favorite Nick Lowe.

Frigos design style starts with the headlining bands name. Basic, of course, but some concert posters are more to stroke the artists ego. Frigo is all about the show first with a little bit of a throwback style mixed in. The posters must grab attention and inform people walking to class or work.

In 20 years, Friends of Bob have hosted more than 160 shows at current venues like Lafayette Brewing Company, Lafayette Theater, Long Center for the Performing Arts and Duncan Hall as well as those long gone like the Boiler Room, River Stix and TA Toms.