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We are an independent organization of citizens who love this community and who aim to empower the community to better interact, promote and support local events and ideas.

We believe that the Greater Lafayette area is a worthwhile city to live, learn, and work, and we aim to reaffirm, promote, and cheerlead the positive artistic and cultural contributions of the community. We want Lafayette to become a community that is welcoming and inclusive of all people.

We want to improve quality of life for ourselves and our neighbors.

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Regular Contributors:

James Britton is the self-appointed West Lafayette city desk editor for Think Lafayette. He is a Hibernophile after living there for five years, an Apple & home brew geek, and loves a tidy environment and liberal politics. His opinions are those of your employer. Tweet him or troll his website. Caution: James is not a true west-sider; he’s merely a transplant.

Tim Brouk has covered Greater Lafayette arts and entertainment since 2000. The St. Louis native has a passion for all forms of local arts and culture as well as a passion for covering, reviewing and featuring them for the public. He has won awards for writing and videography from The Associated Press and Hoosier State Press Association.

Lauren Bruce is a lifelong resident of the greater Lafayette area, a Purdue graduate, vintage jewelry dealer, and web designer. She is also the founder of the award-winning site Feministe, which was recently named one of Forbes 100 Best Sites for Women. She lives in West Lafayette with her family.

Manny Cervantes is is a photographer, videographer, and creative media guru. He contributes to several blogs and online publications including, Bikelantis, ThinkLafayette.com, GoldenEaglesMedia.com, GreatLafayette.com, Wordlifeson.com and Nuvo.net, and more. His next project is the documentary “Bikelantis,” about how bikes change lives.

Ben Cotton forgot to leave after graduating from Purdue and found that he likes living in Lafayette. He’s best known for providing weather updates on Twitter and taking roads far too seriously. He lives with his family in the South Oakland neighborhood.

Michael Dick lives in Lafayette.

Falon F. works for a local environmental non-profit organization.  As a long-time Lafayette resident and Purdue alum, Falon is invested in Greater Lafayette and works to educate her neighbors on sustainable living. In her free time, she volunteers as a board member for City Foods and as a monthly columnist for the Lafayette Independent…that is, when she’s not hiking, kayaking, or cycling.

John Fry came to the greater Lafayette area in 1988. He is a Purdue graduate and an avid mountain biker, who also enjoys camping, auctions, garage sales, and local brews. He may or may not have a Purdue Pete tattoo. He lives in West Lafayette with his family.

Aaron Kleber lives in West Lafayette.

LL Cool Bean lives in Lafayette.

Aaron Madrid is a hobby writer, full time dad, and citizen cyclist. A while ago he founded Bicycle Lafayette with John Fry and now spends all of his free time advocating and promoting cycling as a viable, healthy, and safe mode of transportation and recreation in Lafayette and West Lafayette. When not riding, he might be ranting and raving on twitter: @Aaronthestrong  www.bicyclelafayette.org

Derrick Snyder is a meteorologist and Purdue alum who’s lived in and around Lafayette since 1992. He is also a freelance columnist for the Lafayette Journal & Courier. In his free time, he enjoys clouds, good beer, running and writing. He lives in Lafayette’s Centennial neighborhood.

We also have a crew of Friends of TL that help keep us full of ideas, tip us off on news and events, and occasionally write for the site. Thank you for all your support!