NICHES Land Trust has purchased Mulvey Pond – half a mile north of US 52 and US 231 – and set forth permanent protection for this important ecosystem in Tippecanoe County. 

Mulvey Pond is important for birders in the area, with waterfowl congregating in the summer and snow geese staying through the winter. This area is also on the migratory path for many shorebirds and has become the nesting home for Tippecanoe County’s first pair of sandhill cranes in decades.


“Mulvey Pond is a well-known spot for attracting nesting and migratory birds, but until now recreational visitors have had to watch from the road,” says Gus Nyberg, executive director of NICHES. “So many spots like this have been lost, so we are excited to move forward in protecting this wetland habitat and establish a location where birders can safely watch and learn more about our shared natural history.”


NICHES has now acquired roughly one third of the wetland – including all visible open water – and will begin improvements to ensure that the public will have the opportunity to learn more about local birds and get a good look at some of the native waterfowl. The land trust will be constructing an educational “Blind,” a platform sized for up to 5 visitors with raised walls and cut-out viewing areas.


Contracting with a local artist to create representations of the most prevalent birds and the Sycamore Audubon Society to provide descriptive information on the natural history of the native birds, NICHES will also partner with local businesses – including K.L. Security, Peoples Brewing, IS Photographic, Maximumedia, and Artisan Electricand volunteers in order to construct the blind and plant trees.


Security is eager to partner with NICHES. “We have known about NICHES for years, and really admire the work they have done,” says Johnny. “We have partnered with many community organizations in the past, and are looking forward to partnering with them to protect Mulvey Pond.”